EZ Moves Furniture Slides


EZ Moves Permanent Furniture Slides (set of 4)

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EZ Moves Permanent are the furniture gliders that we use in our cleaning business. These are not the cheap ones you see on televison and tear in a few weeks. (We know, we tried them!)

EZ Moves Permanent Furniture Slides are simple to use. Slightly tilt the item to be moved and place a slider under each corner. Then easily push or pull the item, even over thick carpet. The thick foam raises the furniture above the carpet nap to allow free movement. The round rimmed edges will reduce friction and make moving from one floor surface to another easy. Ultra smooth base allows for easy movement over most floor surfaces; even thick carpet! They are designed for permanent placement under the heaviest furniture. Made of high density 1/2” thick EVA foam which conforms to anything placed on it. The weight of the furniture is all that is needed to keep the sliders in place.

EZ Moves Permanent are 3" by 3" square and come in a set of four in choice of beige, black, dark brown or white.