Perky Groomer

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12 inch head reaches into corners and under furniture to keep your carpet looking as new as the day you had it installed. Simultaneously loosens and lifts embedded soil and pet hair before vacuuming, erases vacuum cleaner tracks, and provides the “like new” appearance without the vacuuming effort. Rake and blue metal handle included.

Why Use A Carpet Rake?

  • Revive crushed matted pile in high traffic areas.
  • Raise ground-in dirt to the surface for effective vacuuming.
  • Loosens embedded pet hair.
  • Erase vacuum cleaner tracks.
  • Restore carpet pile after shampooing.
  • Quickly revitalize carpet without vacuuming.
  • Recommended by carpet manufacturers for maintaining the nap of new carpets.

How To Use:

Before Vacuuming Or Cleaning

Using a “push-pull” motion will allow the specially designed tines to reach the base of the carpet tufts, separating and freeing the individual fibers of dirt, pet hair, and debris that vacuuming cannot get.
After Vacuuming Or Cleaning

Use a pulling motion to lift the carpet pile, restructuring the original design. This motion will also give the carpet the finished grooming to render a “like new” appearance.


Just wanted to let you know that I received my Perky Groom rake this morning. First of all, I have absolutely no idea how you got it here this fast. Amazing!!! I have two long haired cats and my carpet was so bad I literally thought that my only option was to rip it up and replace it with tile$$$$$$$. As good as my vacuum is, it just will not pick up the hair embedded in the carpet. I used the rake, and with no effort at all it got up all of the dirt and cat hair instantly. And just like you claimed, my carpet absolutely looks brand new. It even feels new to walk on-fluffy, soft and clean.
I am floored (no pun intended)! In 20 minutes, your $18 carpet rake saved me thousands of dollars I was prepared to spend putting in new flooring. I will recommend your company's products to anyone who will listen to me.

Thank you so much.

Kerri K.
Dallas, TX


The item arrived and it works great!!!

Thank you,

Joan C
Allen TX