Odorcide 210 Frequently Asked Questions



How do I find where the odors are coming from?
Your nose is the best way to find urine odors. Put your nose down to the problem area, you will know when you find it.

You can also get a florescent blacklight at major department stores or pet stores for about $20 - $40. Use the florescent blacklight at night or in a dimly lit room. This will help you locate all the urine stains. The blacklight, will illuminate all the urine stained areas. The stains will show up as a bright yellowish hue.

Note: After the odors are eliminated using Odorcide 210, the yellowish hue will still be visible under a blacklight.

On what surfaces will Odorcide 210 work?
Odorcide 210 is or all water safe surfaces including carpets and rugs, drapes, tile, wood, trash containers, plastic, vinyl, clothing, mattresses, upholstery, concrete, vehicle interiors, fabrics, curtains, boats, nylon, cotton, acrylic, rayon, olefin, polyester, leather, concrete, etc. 

How much Odorcide 210 will I need?
The 16 oz. size is recommended for a few problem areas assuming the odors are not too severe and handles most typical household pet odor problems. For more severe problems it may be necessary to buy 2 or 3 bottles.

The 16 oz. size makes 2 gallons of concentrated solution. Assuming the spot to be treated has only been urinated on once, it will require several treatments using 1 pint of solution each time. If the spot has been urinated on more than one time, it may require several more treatments.

Will Odorcide 210 work on chairs, sofas, or mattresses?
Odorcide 210 will work on chairs, sofas, and mattresses. It is necessary to apply Odorcide 210 to make complete contact with all of the urine contamination to completely remove the odor.

For wood furniture on vertical surfaces just spray diluted Odorcide 210 directly on the surface. It might take multiple treatments depending on how far the contamination was allowed to soak in. Horizontal surfaces can be treated by the same means used to treat wood floors.

For cloth furniture you can spray a generous supply of Odorcide 210 directly on the fabric and leave alone. If the cushions are removable, take off the outer covering and spray both the inside and outside of the cover. Next spray the cushion generously and work the product in like you would with a sponge. Place the cushion back in the cover and your done. You may need to retreat the outer surface as some of the urine evaporates through the cushion leaving a slight urine residue on the material.

When working with couches or recliners you may need to turn the chair or couch on its side and pull the mesh off the bottom. Sometimes the urine will run down the cracks of the couch and soak into the frame structure of the furniture. You can spray the couch or chair very generously from underneath in order to treat any stray contamination that has soaked down through the cracks or cushions into the framing. If you do not want to take the bottom mesh off of the furniture you can pour the product down along the cracks to simulate the same path the contamination should of flowed.

Can Odorcide 210 be used to treat large areas, such as whole rooms?
We do not recommend treating large areas, such as a whole room. You can do it but it would require mass quantities of deodorizer to saturate the carpet, pad, and subfloor. Generally, if a large area is involved the amount of damage due to urine saturation can only be eliminated by the removal and replacement of the carpet and subfloor.

Will Odorcide 210 remove urine odors from the padding underneath the carpet or will I have to replace the padding?
Odorcide 210 will even remove the odors from the padding without having to remove the carpet. Pour Odorcide 210 directly onto the carpet, the solution will saturate the carpet, penetrating the carpet padding, and the subfloor - just as the urine did. By saturating the carpet, the solution comes into contact with all the urine residue, eliminating the urine odors.

Can Odorcide 210 be used in carpet cleaning machines?
Odorcide 210 can be used in a carpet cleaning machine. It is necessary to maintain a 1 - 16 ratio of Odorcide 210 and cleaning solution. You must make sure that the Odorcide/cleaning solution makes complete contact with all urine or you will not completely remove the odor. Odorcide 210 is not affected by other cleaning solutions or shampoos.

Will Odorcide 210 work on hardwood floors?
Keep in mind that wood floors when wet may swell and possibly discolor. But since the wood floor is already contaminated with urine you can use Odorcide 210 on wood floors as long as it can make complete contact with all of the odor source and is absorbed into the wood pores.

Saturate a clean white towel with Odorcide 210 until it is damp. Take the wet towel and fold it up and place it directly on top of the contaminated area. As the moisture soaks into the wood it will give Odorcide 210 time to spread to the deeper parts inside the wood. Leave the towel on as long as possible (Ideally until the towel dries). However, every floor is different and you do not want to cause any added structural damage to the floor with the moisture from the towel, so check the towel about once an hour and use your own judgment to make sure the moisture from the towel is not doing any damage to the finish or surface of the floor.

Once again all floors are different and it is up to the consumer to use his own judgment as far as the length and moisture of the treatment goes.

Will Odorcide 210 work on subfloors?
Yes. Odorcide 210 works on any surface or material the solution comes into contact with. The solution must be allowed to penetrate into the wood pores just as the urine had penetrated. Follow the same procedure as with hardwood floors. This is only recommended for small, localized spot treatments.

Will Odorcide 210 remove urine odors from concrete?
Yes. Odorcide 210 works on any surface or material the solution comes into contact with. Concrete is very porous just like wood. Just pour the solution on the concrete and let dry.

Another way to apply Odorcide 210 is to buy a 1 or 2 gallon pump-up sprayer and spray onto the concrete. Or, you may puddle a good amount of diluted Odorcide 210 on the area.

Then take regular bath towels and saturate them with water so that they're dripping wet. Bunch the towels up into a ball and pack them over the area. What this will do is create a moisture barrier so that the Odorcide 210 will not evaporate. Also, as the concentrated moisture soaks into the concrete it will give Odorcide 210 a opportunity to penetrate deep into the concrete and get to the deepest core of the problem.

Allow the towels to stay there until they are dry. After they dry wait a week and the odors should be eliminated. With concrete it may take two applications.

Will Odorcide 210 remove urine odors from yards, dirt, etc?
Odorcide 210 is not designed for this purpose.

Can Odorcide 210 be used in kennels?
Yes, but do not allow animals to come into contact with the liquid solution. Odorcide 210 may irritate skins, eyes and mucous membranes upon prolonged contact.

How can I keep my cat from urinating on the carpet?
Cats tend to urinate wherever there are "cat" urine odors present. By removing the urine odors from the carpet and by providing a clean litter box, you can change your cats behavioral habits. Also, if you have more than one cat, some cats prefer to have their own litter box.

Will Odorcide 210 remove urine stains?
Odorcide 210 is designed as a odor remover and not a stain remover. For treating pet stains we recommend using Home Pro Spotter or Avenge.Home Pro Spotter and Avenge contain over a dozen different ingredients that are excellent at removing animal stains.

Is Odorcide 210 safe?
Yes, Odorcide 210 is safe. Odorcide 210 is nontoxic, nonirritating, non carcinogenic, nonflammable, non corrosive, non staining and biodegradable. It is recommended to make the area treated inaccessible to pets and children so as to prevent direct contact with the solution while wet.