Odorcide 210 Concentrate (16 ounce bottle)

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Odorcide - The Number 1 Choice For Total And Permanent Odor Removal Especially Pet Odors.

For serious odor problems especially pet odors! Odorcide 210 removes all types of foul odors immediately and completely. Use Odorcide 210 Concentrate when enzymes and other products fail to remove the odor. Permanently eliminates even deeply embedded odors from urine, feces, decayed matter, vomit, molds, mildew, garbage, skunk odors, and more. Unaffected by germicides or shampoos. Kills odors produced by previous bacterial action. Costs very little to use. One 16 ounce bottle makes 2 gallons of ready to use solution.

For Use On: For all water safe surfaces including carpets and rugs, drapes, tile, wood, trash containers, plastic, vinyl, clothing, mattresses, upholstery, concrete, vehicle interiors, fabrics, curtains, boats, nylon, cotton, wool, acrylic, rayon, olefin, polyester, leather, concrete, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

What It Removes:

Odorcide 210 neutralizes and removes all types of odors including:

  • cat urine odor
  • dog urine odor
  • human urine odor
  • cat spraying
  • dog marking scents
  • all types of pet odors
  • rotting food and garbage
  • plus many, many more!


A New Approach To Eliminate Pet Odors:

Odorcide 210 uses a unique chemistry that eliminates the need to use urine pretreatment products and slow acting enzyme deodorants. Odorcide 210 contains unique ingredients that use a combination of counteraction, absorption, bonding, and inhibiting residuals to completely eliminate foul organic malodors, even difficult-to-eliminate male cat "marking scents".

Odorcide 210's new approach to an old problem offers advantages over other so-called pet odor products. No longer do you have to rely on ineffective and messy powders or hazardous chemicals.

For the first time, the consumer not only treats the surface but can reach the source of the odor problem.

Odorcide 210 corrects the tough pet odor problems encountered daily by professional carpet cleaners, veterinarians, breeders and pet shops.

Odorcide 210 is the complete do-it-yourself pet odor elimination system which provides professional results.


What It Is:

A unique chemistry that safely and immediately eradicates, on contact, amine, mercaptan, androsterone, indole, skatole, metabolite, and phenol odors. Produced by the manufacturer of Odorcides for Veterinarians.


Odorcide 210 is a complex blend of safe, biodegradable ingredients that fall within the following:

  • monohydric and oxidized hydroxyl-containing organic compounds.
  • condensation products or organic salts and hydroxy-containing organic compounds.
  • natural plant oils
  • deionized water


How It Differs:

  • Permanent (unlike fragrances).
  • Stops remaining bacteria-produced odors (unlike germicides).
  • Works with detergents and disinfectants (unlike enzymes).
  • Treats more than sulfur-based odors (unlike oxidizers).


How It Works Differently:

Odorcide uses no problematic enzymes, bacteria, oxidizers or olfactory desensitizers. Instead, Odorcide uses a combination of: counteraction, bonding (chemisorption) and absorption. This technology permanently eliminates, not masks, odors on contact irrespective of what has been tried before.

  • Absorption. This is the physical penetration of the malodor substance into the inner molecular structures of the product.
  • Bonding (chemisorption). Involves the exchange or sharing of electrons between the malodor atoms and those of the product. This is a very quick-acting technology.
  • Counteraction. A phenomenon that occurs when the proper two odors are physically in the same area, with the overall odor being reduced instead of increased. This method is termed neutralization when no odor results and reodorization when a milder pleasant odor replaces the malodor. It works through Zwaardemaker pairs (conjugates), pairs of odorants that neutralize each other's respective odors. This principle works by having the counteractant in the same physical state as the malodor. Thus it can be effective on solids, liquids and gases.


Safe To Use:

  • Nontoxic
  • Nonirritating
  • Non staining
  • Non corrosive
  • Non carcinogenic
  • Nonionic
  • Nonflammable
  • Biodegradable


Product Uses:

For Use On: any water safe surface including carpeting, rugs, fabrics, upholstery, curtains, drapes, tile, wood, mattresses, car interiors, clothing, boats, nylon, cotton, acrylic, plastic, vinyl, rayon, olefin, polyester, leather, trash containers, concrete, etc.


Always test fabric/fiber for color fastness in an inconspicuous area.

Odorcide 210 is easy to use. Locate the Contaminated Areas, the Most Important Step!

Step 1. Remove metering bulb cap, squeeze bottle to fill for desired amount:.

Step 2.
One time need: dilute at the ratio of 1 to 16 (1oz./pint) with water. Important, always apply enough to penetrate to imbedded odor sources. Spray directly onto problem areas with any type of sprayer.

Or, simply pour Odorcide 210 on, making certain that you have covered the soiled area completely and with enough volume to soak through the carpet and the pad and into the floor. Let it dry.

On-going need: (e.g. rest rooms): dilute 1 to 256 (1oz./2 gal) with cleaning/disinfectant solution or rinse water. Continue to use on a regular basis until odor is gone. Reapply when new odor deposits exhaust residual agents. Effectiveness is reduced by chlorine bleach.



My GOD this product is miraculous!  We have been struggling with a cat who poops and sometimes pees/sprays in one area of the dining room carpet.  We had used every product out there and none took care of the problem completely or permanently. We tore up the carpet to find OLD pee stains probably from a former cat which was causing our cat to try and cover, and the smell on the sub-floor was horrific!  I doused the area with Odorcide and the results were amazing and nearly immediate!  4 days later and the area still is odor free, the cat has not gone near it, today we are sealing/priming it and on Monday having laminate put down, confident that the problem is SOLVED.  What a GREAT product!  Needs to be more advertised  - you'd get many sales.  We are passing on the good word.  Thanks!  Mary L.  Illinois

Mary L

I ordered 2 products from you; Odorcide & Hydrocide and couldn't have achieved better results! I expected what all the other odor removers have done; mask the odors or "sort of" eliminate them but with your products, IMMEDIATELY the odor is GONE! No scrubbing, blotting or other measures - just apply! Truly amazing! Works in the washer on area rugs that some of my dogs have "used" and also worked on some areas of my carpet in the basement that were musty smelling from dampness.

I can't thank you enough for your products! I don't have to replace my carpets!

Best Regards,

C Colt
Bloomfield CT


We ordered the Odorcide 210 concentrate and it is absolutely great! We had an elderly dog that became incontinent and a cat who tried to hide that odor. I went to the internet and ordered this based on your info at your website. The odor is gone and it even smells good! We have a new puppy now and I am sure will continue to need it.

Thanks for product that does what it says!! Nice to find a company that sells what it says works and it did!!

Dona H
Knox IN


Dear Sirs:

Last Friday I order your cleaning solution for pet urine odors. I was so surprised to receive it on Saturday...that's what I call service.

I purchased a small hand held garden type sprayer and went to work. The rug in question was an area rug used under a dining table that our cat decided was his litter box. We hung the rug in our garage so we could clean it from both sides, since the stains were most visible from the back that is where I started. I'm impressed, the rug is actually starting to smell good! I smell the cleaner but not the urine.

I would like to know if it would be advisable to have the rug professionally cleaned after this treatment? Would this somehow re-activate the urine smell? Hope not! But before I made the decision to do it I thought I'd better ask.

I would appreciate hearing from you regarding this. And again thank you for making such a great product- along with your prompt service - you're terrific.

Pam M
New Hope, PA


Dear Red Hot Carpet Cleaning:

Thank YOU! For once products that actually do what they say they will. I have a 1-year-old puppy in the house and over the year that we've had him, he has made a mess of the carpets in the house. He's finally become housebroken (a little stubborn about the whole idea!) and I was thinking that the carpets would have to be replaced. He was sneaky about things, too - going behind furniture and marking things where we wouldn't find it. Well, we purchased new furniture about 2 months ago, and when it arrived, we discovered that he had marked the old chocolate-brown recliner - and the moisture had caused the metal frame to leave a big rust stain on the carpet. Plus there are puppy stains that I can't seem to get out with anything I've tried.

Well, last week I ordered your T-Rust and the Odorcide - and they WORK!! I used the T-Rust on the rust stain in the living room - I put it on like it says and took the dogs outside for 10 minutes. I came back in, rinsed as directed and the stain is GONE! The carpet looks beautiful!

Well, then I got the Odorcide and mixed it up in my carpet steam cleaner - with the ratio you recommend for a thorough cleaning. No more puppy stains and smells - just the smell of CLEAN!! I went through the whole house with it!

Thank you so much for products that actually WORK!!! You've just saved me thousands of dollars for new carpets.

Cindy S
Prior Lake, MN


Red Hot Carpet Cleaning is the standard for all businesses. The service is the best. I couldn't imagine what was being delivered when FedEx arrived -- just two days after I placed the order the Odorcide was here! The product is great. After 47 years of living in this apartment with dogs, cats, and birds, my 87-year-old mom wasn't even aware of the set-in odor. The place is coming along after just one treatment!

My next order will be coming soon. I plan on using it for maintenance. The scent is refreshing. It's great for soaking litter pans as well as cleaning carpets, floors, and woodwork.

Thank you for making such a great product and for providing such excellent service.


Joyce S
Baltimore, MD


I am writing this email because I could not find a place on-line to give a plosive comment.

I purchased the Odorcide 210 a couple of months ago. I have tried everything for per odors, carpet cleaner, carpet and room deodorizer, pet solutions, even bleach. Once I used Odorcide 210 the pet smell was completely gone. I just purchase 2 more containers. I will keep ordering . Keep up the good work.

Natasha B
Douglasville, GA


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