Dry Cleaning Sponge

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This revolutionary material is used absolutely dry. This is an ideal product to pick up dust and dirt from areas that cannot be cleaned by water or solvents. Use the Dry Chemical Sponge to wipe down acoustical tiles, to prepare surfaces for painting, to clean suede and even to clean million dollar oil paintings. Removes stubborn marks from drywall and wallpaper without chemicals or abrasives. Use on lampshades to remove dust and dirt. Works like an eraser.

Also excellent to remove pet hair from furniture and clothes. Just wipe over fabric and the hair sticks to the sponge. Fire-restoration crews use this "dry" sponge for removing soot because it avoids the smearing that occurs with damp cleaning. Use on fireplace mantels, screens, bricks, curtains and carpet. Sponge is specially engineered to absorb particulate matter, like soot, right into its pores...when it's full, just rinse it out and let dry, it's ready to use again. Each sponge is 6" long by 3" wide and individually wrapped.