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12/2/14 - Filtration Soiling - State College, PA

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Did you ever wonder what those dark black areas that run along your walls and under your doors are called? We call the soil filtration lines. They can also be called filtration soiling or carpet soil filtration lines.

These filtration lines are usually composed of small microscopic particles consisting of carbon. Filtration soiling usually occurs in a closed air system such as a heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system. Just like the filter in your HVAC system will trap most of the dirt and other fine particles, your carpet will act much like a HVAC filter, trapping dirt and other fine particles as they move through the carpet fibers from the walls.

Burning candles and fireplaces can cause soil filtrations lines. Smoking and even cooking can contribute to filtration soiling.

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Filtration Soiling - Carpet Cleaning - State College, PA Soil Filtration Lines - Carpet Cleaning - State College, PA 


Soil Filtration can be extremely difficult to remove.

Generally carpet cleaning will not remove soiling filtration. Special cleaning products must be applied to break down the fine carbon particles. The areas along walls must be cleaned by hand, allowed to dwell and then thoroughly rinsed.

As you can see, once we were finished, the carpets looked like new again!

The best way to help prevent filtration soiling is to have your carpets professional cleaned by Red Hot Carpet Cleaning on a yearly basis.

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